Wellys Large Acupuncture Insoles (Size:41-45)

Wellys Large Acupuncture Insoles (Size:41-45)

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Wellys®GI-170001: Large Acupuncture Insoles (Size:41-45)

Wellys® Magnetic insoles, 1 pair (size 41/45)
Wellys® magnetic insoles are made of synthetic resin and have eight magnetic points (400 Gauss each) that act directly on the soles of the feet. This is how the massage sole your feet as you walk and promotes a relaxing, beneficial effect. Particularly simple: the insole can be cut to the desired size.

  • Acupuncture insoles (L)
  • These acupuncture insoles include 8x550 Gauss magnets
  • Prevent and relieve muscle, back, leg, and foot pain
  • Stimulate acupuncture points of the foot
  • Cut it to adjust the size
  • Material of the insole: PVC
  • For size: 41-45

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