Wellys Achilles Tendon Protective Pad-Pair

Wellys Achilles Tendon Protective Pad-Pair

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Wellys®GI-041520: Achilles Tendon Protective Pad-Pair

Wellys® Achilles Tendon Protective Pad, 1 Pair
The soft pads can be quickly and easily attached to the shoe and protect the heel and Achilles tendon at every step! They ensure high wearing comfort and a pleasant feel. No slipping thanks to the practical adhesive surface. For women's and men's shoes suitable.

  • Achilles protection pad (2)
  • Soft and flexible pads that protect heel and Achilles tendon when walking
  • High wearing comfort and pleasant to walk on
  • No slipping is possible thanks to the adhesive surface
  • Item dimensions: 9 x 3 x 0.5 cm.(unisex)
  • Material: TPE, high temperature resistant double-sided adhesive
  • Weight 160g.

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