Wellys Sound Zoomer Ear Plug

Wellys Sound Zoomer Ear Plug "Mini Rechargeable" - CB

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Wellys®GI-008531B: Sound Zoomer Ear Plug "Mini Rechargeable" - CB

Wellys® mini hearing amplifier, rechargeable
Increase your quality of life through better hearing! Finally, you can easily get back to Participating in conversations – no more annoying questions! The rechargeable Wellys® Mini hearing amplifier amplifies the volume of sounds of all kinds according to your needs and is so small that it is hardly noticeable when worn. Incl. two different-sized earplugs and a box in which the accessories can be practically stowed away. The mini hearing amplifier is
rechargeable and therefore ideal not only for home but also when traveling!

  • Sound zoomer "mini rechargeable" - CB
  • Operation with one battery type 1.2V 30H Ni-MH (included), recharge with one battery type
  • AA (not included) or via power supply (included). Note: This product is not a medical
  • Hearing aid. In case of doubt, ask a specialist. Daily use should be two hours
  • do not exceed.
  • This sound amplifier and clarifier is delivered in a rechargeable storage box
  • The amplifier includes a variation to control the volume of decibels
  • Its innovative noise filter offers a pure quality sound while it decreases ambient noises
  • Includes 1 amplifier, 1 rechargeable box, 2 ears plugs
  • Works with 1 AA battery (not included) and/or with an AC/DC charger (included)

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