Royalty Line RL-NTG34M; Griddle, Grill Pan, Marble Coating 2-handle 34cm

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Royalty Line RL-NTG34M; Griddle, Grill Pan, Marble Coating 2-handle 34cm

Food grade aluminium alloy

Induction bottom

Non-stick marble coating for healthy cooking

Nonstick marble; Durable & lightweight shell; Anti-bacterial; Washable in the dishwasher; Durable, resistant and non-stick

!!! Because of the firing process, the outer cover is stronger than ever and can last longer than regular coatings.

Pre-conditioning of your cookware:

Removing all labels, wash gently with mild detergent and and rinse your cookware with water. Afterwards, dry your cookware

with a soft cloth. Then condition the pan with a little vegetable oil and wipe off the excess. Periodic conditioning

can maintain the performance of your non-stick cookware.

Cleaning Instructions

Immediately after cooking, cool your pan on a heat resistant surface. Do not attempt to cool by pouring cold water into

the hot pan. If there are dried food stains, soak your pans in hot water before continuing. Clean your cookware

with mild detergent and warm water. Ideally, use non-abrasive cleaning products designed for nonstick surfaces. Our

cookware is designed to give you maximum performance with minimum effort. Hand washing with warm soapy water is

usually sufficient to clean utensils.

Alternatively, you can clean your cookware in the dishwasher. We advise you to wash your cookware by hand for a longer

product life. Do not use the extreme high heat on your cookware. Avoid using a hard sponge and sharp metal utensils such

as forks and knives on the inner lining. Do not leave empty cookware on a hot burner or in a hot oven after cooking. Place the

silicone handles away from direct heat. Do not leave hot oil unattended on the cookware. Do not store food in your

cookware after cooking, instead of using another container.

PFOA is short for perfluorooctanoic acid, a synthetic chemical compound that is used, along with PTFE, to manufacture

certain fluoropolymer- and telomer-based consumer products, including nonstick pan coatings like Teflon.

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