Royalty-Line RL-K25LB, Set 25 pieces knives

Royalty-Line RL-K25LB, Set 25 pieces knives

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Royalty Line RL-K25LB; Set 25 pieces knives

This Royalty Line 25-piece knife set in luxurious suitcase is ideal for a picnic or barbeque because you always have everything with you. The 25-piece knife set is packed in a luxury case to take all knives with you easily. The blades are made of stainless steel and the handles of wood this gives a good look.

Chopper / Chef Knife

Ham Knife / Bread knife

Slicing Knife / Boning Knife

Cheese knife / Pizza knife

Fork / Sharpener

6 Forks / 2 kitchen scissors

6 steak knives

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