Royalty Line RL-AF3.1; Hot air fryer

Royalty Line RL-AF3.1; Hot air fryer

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Royalty Line RL-AF3.1; Hot air fryer

To prepare crispy crispy fries, but without grease, use the hot air fryer. With a capacity of 5 portions per cycle, you cook for

the whole family. In addition to French fries, the fryer can also prepare meat, Vegetables, snacks or breads to finish.

The temperature is adjustable and the air in the fryer heats quickly, your fries will be ready in less than 15 minutes. You can of

course fry many other things in the fryer! Fry delicious apple fritters for example. You prefer salty dishes? Then fry donuts with

meat, fish or vegetables. Precooked bread and cake are not a problem either.

Experience as you wish!

1400 Watt Power

Capacity of 3 liters

Adjustable cooking time 0-30 minutes

Temp. Adjustable cooking temperature 80 ° - 200 ° C

Non-stick coating basket

Stainless steel heating element

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