Kraftmax International KF-FS22; 22PCS Flexible Ratchet Wrenches Set

Kraftmax International KF-FS22; 22PCS Flexible Ratchet Wrenches Set

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Kraftmax International KF-FS22; 22PCS Flexible Ratchet Wrenches Set

A great tool with a top-quality material created for a repair job. Its every mechanic and skill tradesman dream tool that provide efficiency and reliability for a variety of task. The Kraftmax International KF-FS22, 22PCS Flexible Ratchet Wrenches Set is made from high-grade Vanadium steel with a chrome finish that will guarantee to last a lifetime. This 22 comprehensive wrench tool kit is important for an emergency situation, especially for a roadside emergency. This came with a Black Aluminium box with the 22 flexible ratchet set suspended. With its versatile flexible ratchet, reaching those tight locations won't be a problem. It also has Standard and metric measurements ensure that you have the right tool to tackle any screw or bolt. Have one of this remarkable tool and be the first to know how efficient, effective and easy repair.


  • Top-quality hand tools for every repair project
  • Designed for resilience and versatility
  • Chrome plated protection against rust and corrosion
  • High-Quality black aluminum case
  • Slim profile & Extremely strong vanadium steel
  • This deluxe combo set makes emergency repairs a breeze.
  • 180°pivoting flex head with 5°gearing for reducing fatigue and easy control.
  • Perfect for mechanics and DIYers
  • For home repair and shop repair use.
  • Sophisticated and elegant tool case.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Matte Plated Vanadium steel with Black Aluminium Case
  • Application: Flexible ratchet combination wrench
  • Finish: Matte
  • Teeth: 72 teeth black ratchet
  • Weight: 9.5kg
  • Dimension: 49 cm x 28cm x 10 cm
  • Size:6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm,14mm,15mm,16mm,17mm18mm,19mm,20mm,21mm,22mm,23mm,24mm,27mm,30mm,32mm.

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