Herzberg HG-5380; Telescopic Ladder 3m80

Herzberg HG-5380; Telescopic Ladder 3m80

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The scale of 3m 80 telescopic HERZBERG ® serving the handymen

The telescopic ladder 3.80 m HERZBERG ® is the most convenient and most robust in the world because it is standard

EN131. Occasional handymen hard and are all love this DIY tool. With its 3.80 m high, you can work at height safely.

Ergonomics for a compact size

Foldable, you will have no problem with this logistics telescopic aluminum ladder. To transport, no need to put in more as it

weighs only 11 kg and storage side, it does not consume all of the space with its 47 cm wide.

Highlights the safety and performance

Very sturdy and safe, this telescopic ladder tall you can properly do the job you want to do. Also very stable, thanks to its

elastomer suspension, you will not need external support. With this scale HERZBERG ®, you can be completely self without

help from anyone. In yards, it helps as well with his prowess, it is possible to save time.

Telescopic Ladder 3m80 quality, versatile and cheap

This telescopic sliding scale is used everywhere. Made of anodised aluminum of high quality, it can keep a perfect balance

in all types of terrain even those who are injured. Side value for money is absolutely unbeatable.

Choose this type of aluminum telescopic ladder of 3m80, and perform the most difficult to access in a jiffy work. Saving time

and money ...

- High quality aluminium, thickness - 1.3mm

- 300 mm distance between each step, thickness - 1.3mm

- Anti-slip feet

- Multi angle threstle ladder

- 2.6mm thick hinge

- Adjustment lever changes to 3.8 m

- Slide grid lock, to collapse steps

- MAX 150kg load bearing

- Easily fits in car trunk

- Easy to store anywhere in house

- Easy to use in house

- Easy to use in outdoor

- Lightweight & easily portable

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