Genius Ideas Secret Bag

Genius Ideas Secret Bag "Multi-Pouch"

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Genius Ideas®GI-016211: Secret Bag "Multi-Pouch"

Genius Ideas® Secret Bag "Multi-Pouch"
Protection and space for your valuables! With this practical secret bag are Credit cards, money, mobile phone, keys, identity papers, and much more optimal in front of curious people Eyes protected. With its various compartments, it offers clear storage space and can be worn comfortably over or under your clothes. Due to the Velcro fastener, the strap can be individually adapted and also keeps both hands free for you. Ideal when traveling, at lively squares, at concerts and festivals.

  • Allows to store safely credit cards, money, and personal papers during a trip
  • Can be hidden under your coat
  • Adjustable due to a strap and velcro part
  • Item dimensions: 36 x 62 cm.
  • Material: 70% polyester, 30% polyamide.
  • Machine wash (30 ° C)

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