Cenocco CC-9062; Pest Alarm  3PCS

Cenocco CC-9062; Pest Alarm 3PCS

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Cenocco CC-9062; Pest Alarm 3PCS

The Cenocco CC-6062 past alarm is the most advanced outdoor pest control product in the industry. The product brings the peace of mind and affordability of advanced outdoor pest control products as a result of years of research and innovation.

This device allows you to rid your yard, garden or outdoor area of ​​parasites in a humane way and without the use of toxic chemicals. With the Cenocco CC-6062 pest alarm, you can drive rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders, beetles, flies and other insects from home.

The Cenocco CC-6062 suppressor emits electromagnetic pulses and ultrasound and works directly on the spot where mice and spiders, beetles and other insects live and multiply. No chemicals should be used, but only ultrasounds and electromagnetic pulses that irritate rodents and insects and thus cause the exit of the house!

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