Cenocco CC-9033; Wonder Cleaner, face cleaner

Cenocco CC-9033; Wonder Cleaner, face cleaner

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Cenocco CC-9033; Wonder Cleaner, face cleaner

Get rid of soaps, aggressive creams for your skin and other chemical-based gels. We present a new way to effectively and

naturally clean your face with Wonder Cleaner! This revolutionary new system cleans your skin optimally and safely removes

all impurities. In fact, it uses only water associated with a powerful ultrasonic wave, whose frequencies will remove from your

pores excess sebum, blackheads, dead skin, residues of pollution? And the result is visible to the naked eye!

Wonder Cleaner purifies your skin, greatly reducing the number of bacteria. You can see for yourself by seeing the impressive

amount of impurities that remain on the spatula. Moreover, thanks to its ergonomic shape, you can gently clean all areas,

even difficult to access, especially those along the curves of the face. That's not all ! Wonder Cleaner also offers a toning

function that mimics the effect of a massage, stimulating circulation, for a toning effect and a luminous complexion. Wonder

Cleaner is a new natural and effective technology that is also suitable for men! So enjoy this new cleansing system at home!

Package Contents:

1 Wonder Cleaner +

1 USB cable +

1 Water spray +

1 Instructions for use

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