Cenocco beauty CC-9021; Callous Remover, Anti-Callus, Foot Care, Rechargeable

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Cenocco beauty CC-9021; Rechargeable Foot Care Callus Remover​ - Rechargable

Rechargeable anti-callus grater swivel from left to right and from front to back allows easy passage over all the curves of your

feet. Just light it up and the motorized roller of abrasion starts turning 2000RPMs removing dead skin, calluses and corneas

to make the skin of your feet soft and silky like baby's.


Silver color

Measure: 50.50 cm x 21 x 4.50 cm

Materials: ABS plastic

2000 rpm rotation


An extra roll

40% larger roll head

LED light guiding light

Illuminates hard to see areas

Rechargeable battery

Powerful motorized roller abrasion

Save on battery replacement

Swivel head with two axes

Moves from left to right and from front to back

Advance Rollerball Technology

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