Cenocco beauty CC-9017; Massage System

Cenocco beauty CC-9017; Massage System

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Cenocco beauty CC-9017; Massage System

Innovatve Professionnal Massage System

Rotation + Vibration

3200 Rotation in minute

The massage look is inspired by the technique of palpate-rolling to chase the fat, but associates it with various other massages for a more complete care. Thus the anti-cellulite kit includes the device and its six heads of massages.

Each massage head acts differently. Here are the main actions of this vibro anti-cellulite massager: they relax, they are anti-stress, they tone the buttocks, the belly, the thighs, the arms and the hips, they firm up the body. There is even an anti-durillion head and finally a protective veil.

In any case, following these guidelines, a study showed that 72% of the people tested had lost weight. To learn more about this study and the centimeters you might lose.

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