Cenocco Beauty Blackhead Remover with 6 Interchangeable Heads

Cenocco Beauty Blackhead Remover with 6 Interchangeable Heads

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Cenocco Beauty CC-9100: Blackhead Remover with 6 Interchangeable Heads

Powerful, heavy-duty blackhead remover
3 Suction power setting for different user
Includes: 6 interchangeable heads and USB charging line
Complete solution for blackheads to make the skin shine
Suction cups: Crystallite hole, Mini hole, Large hole, Medium hole, Small hole, Elliptical hole
Reduce fine lines, suck out the blackhead
Tyra firming, reduce acne, improve the cutin
Fade out fine lines, reduce the fat
Elliptical Hole: Lift and tighten skin, reduce grease
Crystallite hole: Gentle exfoliation
Mini hole: it is suitable for nursing-sensitive areas
Small hole: Suitable for thin, tender, and sensitive skin
Medium hole: It is used to suck blackhead acne and grease
Large hole: it is used to suck the blackhead and tighten the face
Material: ABS+PC
Suction: -58kpa
Gear adjustment: 3 gears
Product Size: 17cm x 4.2mm
Input: 5V/0.5A
Battery Capacity: 500mAH
Net weight: 110g
Dimension: 17cm x 4.2cm x 3.6cm
Rated current 0.5A
Rated power: 2.5W
Mode: 3 Modes
Power Source: USB
LED/LCD screen: Yes
Suction cup: 6 suction head
Standard of execution: GB4706.1-2005
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS

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