Imperial Collection 6 Pieces Marble Coated Knife Set

Imperial Collection 6 Pieces Marble Coated Knife Set

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Imperial Collection IM-SHN5: 6 Pieces Marble Coated Knife Set

Experience the luxury in cooking with the Imperial COllection IM-SHN5: 6 Pieces Marble Coated Knife Set. Made from high-quality stainless less steel with marble coating that ensures durability and maintains its premium sharpness in all your kitchen needs. The professional quality blade is perfectly sharp and resists corrosion and the food-grade marble coating provides a non-stick characteristic that prevents food from sticking. This elegantly designed knife set has an ergonomically shaped handle for easy grip and is lightweight which reduces fatigue with cutting. The handle also is made of food-grade ABS material which will ensure food consistency when you touch the knife. Proven safe to use, this ceramic antibacterial blade does not chemically react to any food and fruits and impermeable to acid, juices, oil, and salt while maintaining the foods original taste and freshness along with its nutrient, also no metallic taste from your sweet fruit juices and dish. Create a wonderful meal with your heart content and experience the luxurious design and healthy cooking with Imperial collection 6-pieces knife set


  • 6 pieces of marble coated knife set
  • Anti-bacterial marble coated blades
  • Elegant and ergonomically design handle
  • High-quality food-grade materials
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive materials
  • Lightweight, perfectly sharp and durable
  • Different sizes blade is convenience and usage
  • No chemical reaction with any food or fruits.
  • Create beautiful, evenly cuts of fruits, vegetables, and meats
  • Anti-rust & anti-stain capability
  • Easy to clean
  • Bread Knife - Best for bread, cake and pastries smoothly
  • Chef Knife - Best for slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, julienne cuts, disjointing large cuts of meat and even smashing garlic
  • Pizza Knife - Best for slicing bread without breaking or crushing
  • Utility Knife - Best for cutting larger vegetables and sandwich meats that are not large enough for a chef's knife
  • Paring Knife - Best for pairing and peeling vegetables and fruits
  • Peeler - Best for peeling with ergonomic design


  • Brandname: Imperial Collection
  • Color: Gold, Silver, White Marble
  • Blade Material: Marble coated stainless steel
  • Handle Material: Food Grade ABS
  • Number of Sets: 6 Pieces
  • Bread Knife: 20 cm
  • Chef Knife: 20 cm
  • Pizza Knife: 11.5 cm
  • Utility Knife: 12.5cm
  • Paring Knife: 8.75 cm
  • Ceramic Peeler

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