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Type of Knives Your Home Should Have

Type of Knives Your Home Should Have


If you are in the culinary industry, chances are you already know what knives to use and for what. For most who are familiar, there are too many kinds of knives in a commercial kitchen. But what about your home? What knives should be used? Do you need to buy the whole set like the chefs wield?

Chef’s Knife – they say that this is the most important knife you would want your kitchen to have. Pretty versatile but does have specific uses. 90% of the kitchen’s tasks are using the chef’s knife. Used for slicing mostly fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. It should not be used to carve meat and to butcher and of course, it should not be used to puncture holes on the milk cans!

Paring Knife – The knife that does what the chef’s knife can’t. Commonly used to slice smaller items like shallots and garlic. Because it is smaller, it can be used when you need to slice and cut in details. It cannot be used for hard vegetables though, as the cook will be required to add more pressure because the knife is very light.

Bread knife – the common bread knife is not only for slicing bread. Because its serrated, it is the perfect knife to cut through slippery and waxy surfaced vegetables like tomatoes. It cannot be used to chop, rather, it should be used via a sawing motion. Cannot be used for smaller items like garlic and fresh berries.

These are the very basic of knives. Use the right knife for the right task to reduce injury while cooking. It is said that if you’re putting too much pressure while slicing, you probably are not using the correct type of knife.

If you want to equip your kitchen with knives, grab these non-adhesive coated knives by Herzberg. it does include the three knives mentioned plus 3 more. Surely, a pizza knife is needed for your home, eh?



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